A World Of Language On A Single Page

A single page interface making a complex task simpler

Vita presents and blends essential language acquisition elements, allowing users to explore and better understand the building blocks of a language.

Vita can be designed, written and coded to any need and level

Engage your clients with a dynamic Learners Support Tool

Business Opportunity

The Taylormade team is keen to forge new commercial and strategic partnerships with premium language providers around the globe.

We are offering providers exclusive purchase/franchise opportunities for specific platforms, market sectors, and territories.

Support YOUR learning systems with VITA

Give your users the ability to internalise and refresh essential language input.

Build confidence and success by providing a tailored course reference.

Support and Grow Your Business

By offering exclusive packages you can rest assured that your company will have total control of the VITA within your market sector.

This will give you the potential to:

  • Present a vibrant new USP.
  • Generate new customer interest.
  • Convert leads into sales.
  • Consolidate, maintain, and expand existing customer revenue streams.
  • Target and develop new market opportunities.

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