Corporate benefits


Accurate, precise and effective communication is the hallmark of successful communication in the corporate world. This is particularly challenging when communicating in a foreign language.

Tensemaster provides flexible and original digital content production for Corporate Partners.

OPTION 1 – Raising Skills

Maximise your language training budget by deploying our cost effective system to raise the linguistic skill set of all employees company wide

OPTION 2 – Target Essential Operations

The interface serves as a blank canvas, offering endless opportunities for creativity and application within your specific industry.

Relevant and targetted training provides a huge impetus in the acquisition of language.

By incorporating your specific vocabulary, business systems and key language proficiencies the application focusses on your needs directly. This allows key worker teams to learn within an environment they need to perform in everyday.

How effective is this approach? This is what GE Wind Energy had to say about their bespoke application:

"Team, Finally we have cleared the hurdle between English and German in our daily operations. With this Taylormade tool you have now the opportunity to use the language needed in our business sector to communicate effectively with your colleagues throughout the world in English.
Dietrich Pals Director, Technical Service Division General Electric Wind Energy Germany

Content Features

✅Bilingual Interface

✅Full Instructions

✅Supports image/audio/video files

✅Interactive exercises

✅Content coding simple, quick and instant via XML


✅A complete technical package system. Create, publish and update in real time.

✅Optimised to run on all platforms & devices.

✅Automatic new content upload.

✅Simple installation on existing platforms.

System Features

✅Customer Login

✅Invitation system using redeemable codes

✅User management system

✅Creator/Author support

Making the complex simpler

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