Publisher benefits


Tensemaster provides flexible and original digital content production for Publishing Partners

The interface presents a blank canvas, offering a plethora of opportunities for creativity and application within the ELT world. Add something different to your existing catalogue by blending in an innovative app based on your content.

Material development can easily be achieved by ‘in house’ authors or in collaboration with the Taylormade team

Content Features

✅Bilingual Interface

✅Full Instructions

✅Supports image/audio/video files

✅Interactive exercises

✅Content coding simple, quick and instant via XML


✅A complete technical package system. Create, publish and update in real time.

✅Optimised to run on all platforms & devices.

✅Automatic new content upload.

✅Simple installation on existing platforms.

System Features

✅Customer Login

✅Invitation system using redeemable codes

✅User management system

✅Creator/Author support

Making the complex simpler

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