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Designed as a new breed of language production dictionary. The design enabled users to access specialised vocabulary, directly related to their departments and produce language examples with the correct Form, Tense and Aspect applicable to the task at hand.
The system was further developed for GE and specialised versions were produced for their Technical Service Engineers and Human Resources teams.

Here is what the Technical Director had to say about its contribution to his department Dietrich Pals”...”

These same abilities have now been further expanded in our latest product Tensemaster.


Built as a full length course to supplement the learning efforts of everyone. Timescape focussed on introducing learners to the English view of ‘Time’ and how this could be harnessed to provide a much deeper and effective understanding and, more importantly, the use of the full range of English Tenses to improve communication skills and fluency.

The system was widely used by many companies including GE, Bayer Chemicals, VDO Instruments and Siemens to assist and enhance the performance of their language training progammes.

Built with then cutting edge technology of ‘Flash’ which produced stunning imagery and animation.


Commissioned by Kelly Recruitment Services in the USA the system allowed 2 screens to be used on a single computer. The interviewer screen operates in English while the other displays the same material in the applicants native language, in this case Spanish.

The basis of the system was to quickly and accurately record answers and information from the applicant, free from confusion and misunderstanding
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